Bass Pro Shops

Pike provided general construction services for the renovation of an existing facility into a Bass Pro Shop. The new Bass Pro Shop is 140,000 SF.

Pike performed demolition on the front face of the building and adding stone work and fabricated logs to give the building the “rustic” Bass Pro theme, as well as the specialized wood doors only found in Bass Pro locations. On the interior of the building Pike added the famous Bass Pro aquarium which has its own logs/stone work inside to give a realistic look of a bottom of a lake. The interior of the grand entrance way contains a beautiful stone fireplace equipped with fabricated logs.

The new store also contains an archery range inside the building which is a very unique feature of Bass Pro Shops. Pike added more overhead doors for the boat rigging department and specialized wood flooring in the main area of the building.

  • Location

    Hookset, New Hampshire

  • Owner

    Bass Pro Shops

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