Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Livingston County Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation

Construction management services for a new 198,000 SF, 266-bed skilled nursing facility located on an 11-acre parcel on Livingston County’s Murray Hill Campus. The facility combined the existing nursing facility and the facility in the Town of Geneseo into one facility. The project included the construction of parking areas, access roads, and utility connections.

Emphasis on the feeling of home for the residents was realized with the “neighborhood style” layout of the facility, which included residential wings of 24 rooms each. Pairs of neighborhoods were connected to a common dining, nursing and recreation area, in a pod style configuration.

Pike developed processes that fully utilized resources and would secure the delivery of an on-time, on-budget project. The strategic plan for the project included developing and implementing a phased schedule for the pre-construction schematic design, design development, and construction document phases. This strategy allowed project partners such as the design team, extra preparation time for future phases. For instance, by expediting the bidding phase for foundations, stair towers, and structural steel, the design team had an additional three to four months to finish the design for the building’s interior work.

Pike responded to the county’s need for access to the facility for staff training purposes with a clearly defined pre-construction, construction, and commissioning phased schedule. Pike laid out the construction phases in three major packages so that timing was perfect for prime contractors to move on site and mobilize with completed submittals and ready materials. Because of this, the project was completed three months early, and the facility’s staff was able to gain access to and familiarize themselves with the building well before the residents moved in.

  • Location

    Mt. Morris, New York

  • Owner

    Livingston County

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