Rehabilitation of Route 5 Bridge

Pike recently completed phase one and two of a three phase project for Rehabilitation of Route 5 over Eighteen Mile Creek. Water Diversions of the creek for all sequences has ensured success meeting the environmental requirements with NYSDEC and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Phase One consisted of asbestos removal from the entire concrete superstructure which finished early three weeks ahead of schedule. For phase two the bridge was originally built in 1933 with only two lanes.

In 1968 a new bridge deck was placed over top of the 1933 bridge with cantilevers that made it a four lane bridge. Beginning in March 2011, Pike demolished the south half of the 1968 bridge deck. Beams and columns on either side of 4 piers and abutments were demolished and replaced. Pike designed and built our own bridge overhang brackets. We formed the new overhangs placed the new bridge deck in September 2011.

Underneath the bridge we installed an elevated platform spanning the entire length of the bridge to provide access to the substructure. The DOT is sounding the entire bridge substructure by hand and unsound areas are chipped out and replaced with shotcrete. A fiber reinforced protective coating was installed on the middle and South span columns. Phase Three commenced March 19, 2012 with a completion date of November, 2012.

The Association for Bridge Construction and Design awarded the Route 5 Bridge over 18 Mile Creek Project of the Year for 2013.

  • Location

    Hamburg, New York

  • Owner

    New York State Department of Transportation

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