Transit Center Project

Pike in Association with Bergmann provided design-build services for the construction of a new one-story, 91,000 SF Transit Center in downtown Rochester, New York.

The facility consists of an enclosed 55,000 SF busways on the south and north sides of a glass-enclosed 24,000 concourses where Regional Transit Service customers can wait for buses in a temperature controlled environment. The facility also includes a 12,000 SF operations support building.

The Transit Center is a pre-cast concrete structure. The Transit Center has four main sections: two busways that run in opposite directions, a pedestrian concourse, which contains 26 gates, between the two busways and a two-story operations building for administrative personnel. The building can accommodate 26 buses at one time and runs along Mortimer Street between North Clinton Avenue and St. Paul Street.

Between September 2012 and January 2013, Pike self-performed all site remediation work to remove all unsuitable soils from the site that would be in the building footprint. The site ended up containing $2.2 Million worth of unforeseen abatement. Pike’s diligent work during this phase allowed the project to stay on schedule.

The Transit Center was scheduled to be opened in early 2015, but with the successful cooperation of RGRTA, Bergmann , and the 20 construction subcontractors, all opportunities were explored to expedite turnover of the final product without need for acceleration and extra cost to the owner.  The RGRTA Transit Center officially opened on November 28, 2014, two and a half months ahead of Pike’s original schedule to the Owner and five months ahead of RTA’s original scheduled opening.

  • Location

    Rochester, New York

  • Owner

    Regional Transit Service

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